How It Works

Using advanced dual BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis) technology, FitTrack scales can record and report 17 different health metrics. When you step on the electrodes built into FitTrack scales, an imperceptible electrical current runs through the body. All of your body parts that make you you, like bone, fat, muscle, and more, affect this current differently. The readings sent back to the scale run through the FitTrack algorithm, which calculates your body’s composition accurately, reliably, and consistently. All FitTrack scales are FDA approved.

What is Advanced Dual Bioelectrical Impedance Technology?

One of the reasons FitTrack scales stand apart from others is that they use two different frequencies to analyze your body composition. A low-frequency impulse captures data from in between your body’s cells—known as extracellular fluid. Simultaneously, a high-frequency impulse captures data from inside your body’s cells, known as intracellular fluid. Combining these data readings results in higher accuracy and allows FitTrack scales to report 17 different health metrics.